In this episode we talk about what we are following when it comes to archery on youtube, podcasts, IG, FB, etc.

In this Episode we talk about Anthony going to the bowhunter challenge event at Keowee Bowman Archery club. Plus Doug joins us on the line to talk about how is first visit to the Florida State ASA went.

In this episode we talk about 2 upcoming Keowee Bowman shoots. 

Anthony gets a few new blades to try on the AAE Problade, and some other rambling goes on.

In this episode we are join by our buddy Doug from Florida. Doug and Anthony go to the range on Saturday and a 3D shoot on Sunday. Plus we have our normal ramble of talking.


We are back after being gone almost a month. We cover a few topics in this one. We bought a house, and Stephanie has added new items to her Shooting Skulls store.

The Anthony talks about almost blowing his bow up due to and arrow rest failure.  He was able to fix the rest, but it will never be used again. Needless to say all faith in that rest is gone.

In this episode we talk about some of the adjustments we did to the bows while at the range. The first leg of the IBO was this weekend, and the winner line up.

Stephanie gets a new bow as her birthday gift. The vertix is gone and the VXR 28 is in the house.

In this episode we talk about the ASA opening its event in London, KY.

Then Dudley moves to Spot Hogg.

Brandon McDonald picks the winner of his bow shootout.

Anthony hit the range with the challengers for the first time.


In this episode we talk about how shooting skulls business has picked up in pace and some challenges that it faces.

Anthony's 3D bow has arrived and has been set up and first impression of the bow and how it shoots.

There is a bit of a rant about how a listener was treated by a shop in his local area. But we are assisting in helping to find a solution.

In this episode, we talk more trash against the people crying about memes, and how one page has to pass the torch to another over the all those spilled tears.


Also about the awesome video Dudley did for a bow he built for Dude Perfect. 500 yard shot.

In this episode we talk about 2 more companies in archery having issues, Anthony has some new arrows set up, and more.

In this episode Steph talks about her next flag project. We cover a topic submitted by a listener, and find out more event are cancelled. Then somehow Anthony talks about states being split.

In this episode we talk about whats going on here, Anthony is 3D printing some stuff, and more

In this episode we talk about how a meme caused some major butt hurt and why people are believing it.

In this episode we have a guest in town. We go down to the range and shoot all the new 2020 PSE bows. There are definite favorites in the pile.

So new ideas will be coming to Stephanie's shop in the near future. Then the conversations goes off the rails into the ramble nonsense you expect from us.

After range chat session. Do you think it is right that a pro shop charges to test a bow before purchase? We talk about both sides. Plus we go into the reasoning for Anthony's posts the other day. Finally we go into some possible other round table episodes that may happen.

Thank you to everyone who listens. You all kick ass.

In this episode we talk about the lawsuit that Mathews archery won against Bowtech and how it may affect the industry. Next we cover some of the Pro Staff shooters complaining about not getting paid their contingency checks at events. Finally we go into the Corona Virus....will events get moved, do you think you should stock up, etc

In this episode Stephanie gets some new archery equipment, Some test products are getting shipped out, and we talk about Anthony wanting to adventure into some 3D printing of archery products.

We had a week from hell in our household. Vegas just completed. IS this the end of obsession?

In this episode we go over some of the new items that we liked from the ATA 2020 coverage.

After range time chat in the car about some of the news that came out of ATA.....Dudley goes to PSE.

Some major players in archery are leaving Hoyt, Stephanie gets handguns training, and more

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