After range time chat in the car about some of the news that came out of ATA.....Dudley goes to PSE.

Some major players in archery are leaving Hoyt, Stephanie gets handguns training, and more

In this episode we talk about we got mentioned on a science podcast called Science Faction. #sciencefaction Their comedian calls on us to see if his science counter part is full of BS about an archer course in San Diego. Well its there....

Next is the R100 from Rinehart archery shoots coming in 2020. These have life size targets.

And as always.....there is a bit of rambling that follows.  

In this episode we talk about the obsession release getting absolutely Meme hammered, Steph adds more to Shooting Skulls, Anthony has added a Mathews bow to the collection, and more

We had Doug and Don on with us this evening in Florida. Well lets say there were a lot of topics that go by.

We talking about the new releases from Mathews, Hoyt, Bowtech, and Prime. All the speeds, prices, and some of the new tech in the new models. Anthony tries to give a review of the Bowmar nose button and Stephanie side tracks him. Plus there is some rambling because drinks were involved in the podcast.

In this episode we talk about some of the new bows that got released from Bear, PSE, Mathews, and Hoyt. Plus an awesome archery app that was recently released.

In this episode we talk about our family trip, The new adjustable cam from Bear, and more.

Got a new release to play with. The Carter Evolution 3 finger.

We talk about how the archery shop closings seem to be getting worse and more.

Got a new stabilizer in for the Evolve 35, mountain biker almost gets shot at IBO, and more

Fun chat with Doug about some of the upgrades he has made to his supra, and lots of rambling on

In this episode we talk about the stinger having a new home in Iowa with Joey, Doug's brother. We take a ride out to Gander Outdoors in NC and a whole lot of rambling

One of those episodes that is a lot of rambling....Not much archery going on here.

Anthony covers a lot of the issues he is currently having with the Evolve 35. HE is determined to give it at least 6 weeks worth of shooting. But as of now, its definitely not working out.

Recap of day 2 and 3 at the total archery challenge. Prime and Sitka courses.

Today we shot the MTN Ops course at TAC. Lets just say some arrows went BOOM.

Today was our last range day before we head out to TAC on Thursday.

We have the last of the things we were missing for TAC coming in this week. New Bohning Heat vanes, Halo range finder, New trigger Barrel, and a new release. Plus as always.....a ramble comes about.

Post range conversation after shooting. Yes, Stephanie got the title wrong. This is episode 18.

Anthony gets the Inertia back, and 3d archery gets drug tests

In this episode we talk about Steph new Mathews Vertix with the New QAD arrow rest, Anthony got his Inertia back, and who got that Sun Drop.

In this episode we talk about what we saw during the Vegas shoot, and Stephanie goes on a side note spree......

In this episode we talk about the 2019 Lancaster Archery Classic and the epic mens open finals. Plus world archery, Stephanie tries the Inertia, and more

In this episode we finish our video watching of the ATA videos. Plus we talk about Drury Outdoor and their insane 30th anniversary give-away.

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