Title says it all.

In this episode Anthony is joined by our friend Doug again after a day at Robin Hood Archery club. But there's more. We are also joined by 2 Special guests. Angel Garcia of The High Power Archery Podcast and Richard Clarke of the Archery Geek Outdoors podcast.

We cover several things during the show. The Guys have Coach Angel analyze there archery form to give people a real world prospective of what a quality coach can bring to the table. He give us tips how to make our shot process better.  

Then in typical fashion, we start to talk about all sorts archery topics. Everything from some differences in the UK and America when it comes to first picking up a bow, to some of the pros we met who were cool, and a bunch more.

At the end of the show Angel mentions his apprentice Leiyan is going to start College soon and a GO Fund Me to help an Archery Girl get a head start. If you can contribute, Please do. Here is the link. https://tinyurl.com/LeiyansCollegeFundhttps://gofund.me/b995a5b3



Doug is in town for the weekend. So as always we work on bows, get arrows ready, go to a 3D event at Keowee Bowman, and do our normal rambling. 

Int this episode Anthony is joined by our Friend Doug from Florida. We talk about whats been going on, why we have been gone, and a bunch of updates along the way. 

On this episode it Anthony with our buddy Doug from Florida. Anthony talks about where the podcast has been and the reason we have been gone for a while, New bow, and setup changes.

Then we talk about some hot topics that have been very hot on a lot of archery podcasts. Do many archery clubs need to push the old guard out of power? Should "lifestyle" events add Pro competition to their events? and more.

Conversation after a trip to the range.

Yes we know Stephanie says 24 in the intro. It was supposed to be 25.

In this episode we talk about why we have been gone for over a month and Anthony goes on a tech rant because of the virtual events in archery.

In this episode we re just hanging out with our buddy Doug from Florida.

In this episode we talk to Angel, host of the High Power Archery Podcast.

Some of the things we talk about are bringing in Woman to archery, Arrow FOC, and more. We had a great time during this conversation.

In this episode we talk about the canceling of the 2021 ATA show. Lancaster Archery announces the Classic Shoot is a go.

The Anthony goes into the issues he has been dealing with to get the Sight for the Perform X completed.  In short, CBE gets the thumbs down.

Next we cover recent stuff in Stephanie's Business. The shot trainer has been added to the Shooting Skulls store. Plus Anthony has been working on an inexpensive version of a 3rd axis level, and a pocket quiver.

Plus as always we get off course here and there.

Our house dilemma is finally over. Needless to say it has been a busy week. Closing is done and we have moved in. Its been a week of setting up, painting, and etc.

But on top of all the house stuff, we had a chance to get some archery stuff done. Anthony found another Perform X, this time a full sized 40" version, for a great price and it should be here this week.

Anthony also got to shoot in the backyard for the first time before we recorded. So there are plenty of thoughts for targets and placement.

Plus Anthony has been hit by the FOC bug. So there will be some experimenting coming with arrow weights for the inertia and for the Perform Xs.

In this episode we talk about what we are following when it comes to archery on youtube, podcasts, IG, FB, etc.

In this Episode we talk about Anthony going to the bowhunter challenge event at Keowee Bowman Archery club. Plus Doug joins us on the line to talk about how is first visit to the Florida State ASA went.

In this episode we talk about 2 upcoming Keowee Bowman shoots. 

Anthony gets a few new blades to try on the AAE Problade, and some other rambling goes on.

In this episode we are join by our buddy Doug from Florida. Doug and Anthony go to the range on Saturday and a 3D shoot on Sunday. Plus we have our normal ramble of talking.


We are back after being gone almost a month. We cover a few topics in this one. We bought a house, and Stephanie has added new items to her Shooting Skulls store.

The Anthony talks about almost blowing his bow up due to and arrow rest failure.  He was able to fix the rest, but it will never be used again. Needless to say all faith in that rest is gone.

In this episode we talk about some of the adjustments we did to the bows while at the range. The first leg of the IBO was this weekend, and the winner line up.

Stephanie gets a new bow as her birthday gift. The vertix is gone and the VXR 28 is in the house.

In this episode we talk about the ASA opening its event in London, KY.

Then Dudley moves to Spot Hogg.

Brandon McDonald picks the winner of his bow shootout.

Anthony hit the range with the challengers for the first time.


In this episode we talk about how shooting skulls business has picked up in pace and some challenges that it faces.

Anthony's 3D bow has arrived and has been set up and first impression of the bow and how it shoots.

There is a bit of a rant about how a listener was treated by a shop in his local area. But we are assisting in helping to find a solution.

In this episode, we talk more trash against the people crying about memes, and how one page has to pass the torch to another over the all those spilled tears.


Also about the awesome video Dudley did for a bow he built for Dude Perfect. 500 yard shot.

In this episode we talk about 2 more companies in archery having issues, Anthony has some new arrows set up, and more.

In this episode Steph talks about her next flag project. We cover a topic submitted by a listener, and find out more event are cancelled. Then somehow Anthony talks about states being split.

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