We watched over 100 videos that were released from ATA. Here are several things that caught our eye.

There are some goals for the year and a lot of rambling in this episode.

In this episode we talk about a new stabilizer, the crossover 1233,that Anthony has plans to buy and try out in Prep for the TAC event. We recommend a great book by a retired navy seal. We share some future plans from land to possible house building and more.

In this episode we are on our way to NY for Thanksgiving and for a family wedding. We talk about The Matthews bow release, and more.

In this episode we talk about the Hoyt and Obsession releases.

In this episode we talk about the Bear Archery bows that were released at the beginning of the month. Yes we know we are late. Family comes first. LOL. Steph starts a new project with her shooting skulls brand, and more.

In this episode we talk about the release from Trophy Ridge. There were 8 new products. 2 sights, 2 quivers, 2 arrow rests, and 2 stabilizer.

In this episode we talk about the triax raffle, bear bow limb broken, and more

In this episode we do an update on the Bows that are being raffled off to benefit surgery efforts, the PSE bow releases, and Doug is back!!!

In this episode you wil hear us talk about how the second round of fletching went, Steph switches releases, and more

In this episode we talk about our first outing with the arrows Anthony fletched and the failure of being impatient. Plus we get into some depth about Stephanies sling business.

In this episode we have a ton of issues even trying to get the recording to work. Hence the short episode.  Then we talk about the AWESOME experience we had with the customer service staff at Bohning Archery.

This weekend we were on a live stream with Heather Welch of the Sunshine and Powercuts podcast(audio to follow this week). PSE releases the Supra Focus, we buy the first set of vanes and a Fletching jig, and more of our normal randomness.

In this episode Steph reflects on the small things, we get our invite to a family wedding, more of the family have an interest in shooting, and more

Looking like the next year will be really busy

In this episode we talk about an up coming live stream event that we are taking part in, a 3D shoot we did after the iron man shoot, inertia is out of comission for a little while, and steph tells a story about a house that scared her.

Attended an Iron Man shoot in Florida. 3D, Field, and a 600 round.

On the way to the first half of our trip to Florida.

 Got to shoot at a 3D deer at range. Conversation after leaving the range about shooting and randomness

In todays episode we tlk about steph being intregued about duck hunting and having the complete wrong idea about what is used for hunting them.

The first coupon code for The Shooting skulls store is DUCKS. In the episode we say it is Duck, but etsy requires 5 letters. Yup....we messed up the first code. LMAO

It was a short day at the range. Our pro shop was super busy with summer camp group.

In this we talk about doug getting his new bow, possible trip, event we are in during august, and go off into the ramble

In this episode we talk about the new evolve 28 from PSE, Anthony found an issue with his bow, and more

Went went to Myrtle beach for the weekend. While we were there we decided to join the Sundune Archery club. Great value at $35 a year for family. They are also a host for SCAA events. We will be joining more clubs to further our archery experience.

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